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ABAA Facial Massager and Cleanser

ABAA Beauty

ABAA Facial Massager and Cleanser

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A cleansing, massaging and anti aging device for all skin types that cleanses, massages and improves the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkle. Regular use of ABAA-401 will result in firmer, glowing and younger looking skin. ABAA-401 produces 6000 pulses per minute to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

Product Features:

 -Made of safe food grade silicone

-Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand

-Built-in high power vibrating motor

-Smart chip to control 15 adjustable levels

-Easy and convenient to use

-Produces 6000 pulses per minute to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your skin

-Multi speeds to adjust to your skin’s cleansing needs

-15 adjustable massage levels

-Powers off automatically 15 minutes from the last time you turned it on

-Built in rechargeable battery , making it an environmentally greener product

-Head never needs replacement

- DC 5V USB plug included

-Compact size

-Travel friendly

-Fully waterproof


Product Specifications:


Product name = massage cleanser

Product model = ABAA-401

Power supply = DC3.7V (200mA X1)

Vibration frequency = 7000rpm

Product size = L84 X W100 X T30mm

Product weight = 80g


How to use:


  • Wet your face and apply your facial cleanser in gentle circular motions
  • Wet the device and turn it on by pressing the power button
  • Adjust the speed by using the "-" or "+" buttons
  • Massage your face with the device in small circular motions for approximately 2 minutes
  • Massage from the face to the ears, forehead, upper lip and nose, your chin and finally your throat/neck


Turn off and rinse the device thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt and residue. 


NOTE:  Do not use this device with cleansers, scrubs or exfoliators that are granular, clay based or silicone based as these may damage the silicone touch points.




ABAA-401 has limited one year warranty. Warranty only covers if the product stops working. Warranty does not cover any physical damage caused by the user or normal wear and tear of the product.


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