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Friday Inspiration: Curly hairstyles!

Some do everything in their power to get them, others fight them with the straightener... We are of course talking about curls and for this round of Friday inspiration we focus on curly hairstyles!

The (curly) messy bun

Everyone's favorite to go to style does not have to be sleek and perfect. The messy bun looks equally gorgeous in a curly equivalent! 

Color curls

Who said natural curls has to go with natural colors? This silver grey color looks amazing to her pretty curls. Joico's Color Intensity in Titanium lets you try the shade out for about 15 washes and is super gentle to the often dry curly hairs as well. 

Side swept + defined

Tori Kelly knows it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Defined curls are the bomb! Struggling to maintain those locks as you want them? Try The Best of DevaCurl Kit that includes their best selling No-Poo shampoo, One Condition, Light Defining Gel and Styling cream that will help you get those gorgeous defined curls. 

Curly up-doe

Again, defined curls! Try DevaCurls Supercream Coconut Styler for this shiny, frizz-free, defined look. Plus it will make you smell as good as you look!

Short on the side
Short and sleek on the side, a curly hot mess on the top! Use Matrix Total Results Curl Super Defrizzer Gel for lightweight, strong-hold definition that erases frizz like no other. 

Voluptuous curls

The key to Sazan's look is to take advantage of your natural volume. Apply TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier when hair is still damp and let it work its magic while its air drying.

Headband Curls

A version of the messy bun, this headband curls look is great for a day or night out.

A loose braided crown
The loose braided crown works great for both short and long hair as well as for those with curls or just wavy hair. Those with wavy hair might need to amp up their own texture a little bit with a product like this one from TIGI.

The curly Mimmi Mouse

Lately we have been seeing the grown up version of the Mimmi Mouse up-doe and this style can easily be worn by all the curly girls out there!

Curly half-up

We've talked about this one before, but we just love how effortless chic it is.

The curly lob

The lob (long bob) has been the length of the year so far and it looks equally gorgeous in curly! To maintain these thick locks moisturized, add a little Deva Curl B Leave-In Conditioner Curl Boost & Volumizer throughout the week and they will keep shining.

That's it for this weeks Friday inspiration, have a great weekend everyone!

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