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Pastel hair goals!

We are pretty much obsessed with Joico's Color Intensity lines and all the endless shades you can create with them. We are equally obsessed with @dearmiju, a California based color master who uses Joico's inter-mixable shades to create major hair goals. The great thing about Joico Color Intense is that although the colors aren't permanent (perfect for those of us with commitment issues), they are still super intense and easy to mix to perfection. Something @dearmiju clearly does. I mean, take a look...

Joico soft pink + orange + clear mixer = pastel perfect


We love the Soft Pink just as it is but now we want to mix it with Orange and Clear Mixer to get this perfect pastel color! According to @dearmiju, the key is to mix it up with plenty of Clear Mixer to get this soft hue.

Ocean Waves

In this look, that he named Ocean Waves, he mixed the darker shades to create a shifting ocean look. If you want to get this look as well, opt for the Mermaid Blue, Peacock Green, Indigo and Black Pearl.

Muted Lavender Lilac

Another perfect pastel shade created by mixing the Joico palette. This time he used Amethyst Purple, Soft Pink, Titanium and Clear Mixer. 

Black Pearl Amethyst

Like the previous picture, @dearmiju used Amethyst Purple to get the purple tones in there. But to get a darker shade, he left out the Soft Pink and Titanium and instead went for the Black Pearl along with the Clear Mixer

Soft Pink

Pink and perfect! Soft Pink and Clear Mixer created this soft yet powerful look.


We can't decide which one we like the best but the beauty of Joico Color Intense is that you can in fact have it all. The colors last about 15 washes, which means you can switch it up! And you can either go for @dearmiju's color recipes or start by sticking to one shade. And then on to the next one...

You can get the Intensity line here in our shop and don't hesitate to comment or email if you have a question about them or any other product!

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