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5 ways of wearing flowers in your hair!

It is the first day of Spring here in Canada and we choose to ignore the threats of upcoming snowfalls and focus on Spring hairstyles! One fun way of saying bye bye winter is to incorporate flowers in your hair and here are 5 different ways of doing so:

Messy up-do & half flower crown

The unstructured up-do creates a perfect balance for the feminine flowers and we love the color coordination going on! (Look here if you want her pink hair!)

The Flower crown

The Flower Crown may be the most popular choice when it comes to incorporating flowers in your hairstyle and we understand why brides love this do. If you want more of a everyday feel, go for a smaller crown and messier hair.

The Flower Headband

Also a popular choice and a little more low key than the flower crown. Wearing small flowers like a headband is a great way of sprucing up your everyday style a little bit. 

The Updated Bun

The bun is a true everyday hero and here is an easy way of making it a little less everyday and a little more fun!

Loose Flowery Waves

Want to make yesterdays curls look even better? Pin most of your curly hair loosely in the back and attach some flowers along the way. The messier the better!

We hope you found some inspiration in these 5 hairstyles. Happy Spring!

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