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Staff Pick's - Johanna's Favorites

Hi there!

My name is Johanna and I work as a social media coordinator and online sales rep for ABAA Beauty. Working for a beauty store is like working in a candy shop, you want everything all the time! You somehow always manage to find a product that you never tried before but obviously just have to try.. So it is safe to say that I have worked my way through our inventory and I thought it was time to pass on some of the great things I found along the way. So here you have my all time favorites!

 Pureology - Pure Volume Holiday Kit

I have colored fine hair so this Pureology kit was basically made for me. I have tried Purelogy before and liked it but this is definitely the best one I tried so far. Other volumizing shampoos tend to make my hair frizzy but this one really makes it smooth AND with great volume. Plus it smells great which is important! The kit also comes with a small hair spray that is perfect to carry with you throughout the day and a travel size deep moisturizer. But my favourite travel sized item is the multi-tasking hair beautifier that kind of works as a hair primer and gives your hair extra moisture, shine, protection and preps it for styling. I use it after the shower and before styling it, and I absolutely love this product. I have been using the kit for about 3 months now and there is no sign of me running out of any of the products so it lasts long too!

AG Hair Sterling Silver Shampoo

As an aspiring blonde, I know all about ending up with yellow tones when you’ve skipped the silver shampoo a little too much. In the past, I’ve struggled with finding a silver shampoo that’s tough on yellow tones but gentle on my hair that tends to end up a frizzy mess if the shampoo is too harsh. AG’s Sterling Silver Shampoo is a super gentle cleanser that does all the things you want a good shampoo to do while removing the yellow tones. It has a really refreshing smell as well so this is a true favorite of mine.

OSIS Refresh Dust

This right here is my holy grail product! I am an avid dry shampoo user and I thought I had tried almost everyone until this one came in my life. It is super effective on greasy hair (like seriously effective) and I use it simply for its styling benefits too as it gives amazing texture and volume even for the finest of hair. I feel like OSIS Refresh Dust is going to be by my side for the rest of my life, it is that good!

Redken Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse

I’m starting to sense a theme here but what can I say, I love volume! I also like simple hair styles for an effortless everyday look and sleeping in a French braid is my go to look. This Redken mousse is a great texturizing mousse that let my braided waves last for days. I just apply it evenly in damp hair before braiding my hair and when I let it out the morning after my waves are moisturized and with that volume I love!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I wish I could say I was the kind of girl with great nails at all times but I am simply to impatient and clumsy for that. Seche’s top coat is about the only top coat that dries before I manage to forget I just painted my nails. And it last throughout the week too, which is more I can say about most polishes. I always vary my colors a lot but this polish is the only one I stay true too!

These were a couple of my favorites and I hope you find something fun for you to try. Our newest addition to the shop (Matrix Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment)  is currently on top of my very long list of products I want to try. It sounds like it is similar to Purelogy’s hair beautifier and it smells wonderful of coconut so I mean, I have to try it!

Online Sales & Social Media Coordinator

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