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5 times Ciara's hair was everything you ever wanted!

We are continuing the path of admiring women by looking at one great woman and her hair. From her trendy ombre bob to the recently rocked braided crown, Ciara's hair brings out major envy and here you have 5 of her hottest looks to take inspiration from!

Side-swept fishtail braid

During Paris Fashion week, Ciara was all about the braids and we love this loose side-swept fishtail braid. The loose strands and tousled side part gives the look an extra dimension and we wouldn't mind rocking this loose look on a night out with the girls.

Loose waves

A little blonder and more polished but still with a tousled feel to it, these loose waves are the perfect look for just about any occasion. The key is to really brush the locks out after curling the hair and finish with some dry shampoo for more texture (like OSIS Refresh Dust) and a finish spray for hold and volume(like Big Sexy's Spray and Play Harder)

The straight bob

The color, the length, the roughly made side part; we love everything about this look. Not to mention the shine which you too can get by using a flat iron spray that maximizes the effect of your straightener while adding shine. Rusk's Flat iron Spray and AG Hair's Firewall both have argan oil in them to amp up the shine while protecting your hair. 

The sleek top knot

We've seen the top knot everywhere lately but we love how sleek Ciara's version of it it. It's a classy look for the red carpet but can also be worn to perfection at the office. For the top knot to look this sleek you really have to work away the frizz by using an effective styling cream like AG's Welding Paste and finishing off with a controlling hair spray like AG Spray Fixx Extra Firm to keep the strands tamed.

The braided crown

We had to finish with another look from Paris Fashion week where Ciara proved to be the hair queen with this frizzy braided crown that exudes confidence and attitude. Even Ciara had to bring in some help in form of extensions for this one so don't beat your own strands up too hard if you can't get a double braid like that. The key inspiration to take away from this look is that there is no such thing as perfection, sometimes perfectly undone is the way to go. 

These were just 5 of the times Ciara's hair was everything you ever wanted! Which one was your favorite? 

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