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Women who inspire us!

When women support each other, amazing things can happen. So today, on the International Womens Day we wish to do just that; support each other. The Beauty industry is full of talented, hard working women and today we want to talk about a few of those who have and still are changing the face of beauty and showing us the power of a strong woman.

Paula Kent Meehan – Cofounder of Redken

Paula Kent Meehan worked in the entertainment industry for a while, acting in TV-commercials and TV-shows and it was in her years as an actress she took an interest in hair care. All the hours spent styling and washing her hair lead to dry hair and occasional allergic reactions to her scalp which lead her to contact her family friend and chemist/hair dresser Jheri Redding. In 1960 the two started Redken that since then has grown to be one of the biggest brands in hair care and in 2007 was named as one of the “Icons of the American Marketplace”. And it all started with one woman’s wish for better hair.

Emily Weiss – Founder & CEO, Glossier & Into The Gloss

A founder that spent the hours between 4am to 8am (before her day job as a fashion assistant at Vouge) on her vision of a modern beauty brand inspired by real life, that is Emily Weiss. Into the Gloss was meant to create a new conversation about beauty in a digital form and Glossier was about making products women wanted. Six years after the launch, it is justified to say that those hours between 4am and 8am were hours well spent as it has grown into a beauty movement.

Samantha Ravndahl, Beauty Vlogger

In the age of YouTube, there are a lot of amazing Beauty Vloggers out there but fellow Canadian Samatha Ravndahl stands out. With her humor, intelligence and personal ways around all things beauty; she highlights (see what we did there) our days and makes beauty fun and approachable. And did we mention she’s Canadian? Yeah, she’s Canadian.

Melanie Yvette, Founder Beautifully Brown

Melanie, a former Beauty and Style editor at lacked room for women of all ethnic background in the beauty conversation so she did what crafty women do: she made room. Beautifully Brown is a digital space meant to change the conversation about beauty and include women of all ethnic backgrounds and serve as a common space for all things beauty. Melanie also started “Dark Girl, The Lookbook series” where she wanted to inspire her fellow darker brown beauties to have a little fun and try out things they usually didn’t. After going through the different looks, we can say that she managed to do so. Consider us inspired.

Estee Lauder – Cofounder of Estee Lauder

It is hard to talk about inspirational women in the beauty industry without mentioning Estee Lauder. The only woman on Time Magazine’s list of the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century, Estee Lauder was a true icon in the beauty industry and she serves as an inspiration to women everywhere. “I didn’t get where I am by thinking about it or dreaming it, I got there by doing it”.

We could go on and on with this list but these five entrepreneurs are all examples of what we are extra grateful for on today's International Womens Day: strong women working hard for what they want. Happy International Womens Day everyone!


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