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Top Beauty Looks from The 2016 Oscars

Some watch the Oscars to see what movies to catch up on, others watch it for the red carpet looks! We tend to go for the second option and have narrowed this years beauty looks down to a top three. It was hard but someone had to do it! 

1) Margot Robbie

Everyone wanted to look like Margot Robbie after The Great Gatsby came out but we think she nailed the look for the Oscar 2016 just as well! Here she proves that sometimes, a little goes a long way and leaving your hair undone (well at least looking undone) to an otherwise glamorous outfit only adds to the glamour. The key here is having healthy and shiny hair so prep weeks before with plenty of moisture and hair masks. On the big day simply blow dry your hair while adding some shine spray and texture in form of dry shampoo. Your undone hair is done!

2) Alicia Vikander

This Swedish beauty always shows up at the red carpet looking effortless and graceful, and the Oscars were no exception. She went for a more polished version of the very trendy half knot and just like Robbie she shows that the hair does not have to be all that if the rest of the look is. We previously blogged about how to get the half knot trend going so you can read up on that here. To get the Vikander twist on it, simply curl the bottom half of your hair and make sure to finish off with some shine and hold to lock the look down. 

3) Priyanka Chopra

From the gorgeous natural brows to the darker lips, Chopra matched the hair and make up exceptionally to her white Zuhair Murad gown. Her hair was eloquently pulled back in a low pony tail, with just the right mix between texture and shine. If you want to copy this look, start by adding some sea salt spray before blow-drying it. Then add some more texture and tease the hair to give some more volume before you run the top layers of the hair through the flat iron. Then gather the hair in a low pony tail before finishing off with some shine spray.

There you have our favorites from this years red carpet! Do you agree on our top three or did you have another favorite? 

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