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The Lazy Girls Guide to Ambitious Hair

We all want great looking hair that will make everyone envious. But let’s be honest, we don’t really want to work for it. There are some hair secrets we lazy people don’t want everyone to know but here you have it; the lazy girls guide to ambitious hair!

Sleep on it
Perfect wavy hair created in your sleep? Yes please! Before you turn in for the night, start by brushing through your hair and apply a volumizing mousse, like this one from Redken, for some extra body and texture. Then start from the front of your head and make a french braid throughout your hair, leaving about an inch at the bottom. If creating a french braid feels like climbing Mount Everest just watch this simple tutorial and relax, you got this. Get some serious sleep (this part we are actually good at) and finish off by letting the braid out, turn your head upside down and fixate the perfect beach waves with a volumizing hair spray like Big Sexy"s Spray & Play Harder. This hair style is perfect to do when you don’t want to go to bed with wet hair since the waves only get more intense if you allow them to dry over night. Talk about beauty sleep!

Half up, half down
Every lazy girl out there loves the fact that this hair style is one of the biggest trends right now. We are obviously talking about the half bun, the perfect excuse to being lazy. It works great for all hair types and just about every length as well. Start by applying dry shampoo throughout the roots for some extra texture. Then separate the top half of your hair and either create a loose knot or a if you feel a little less lazy make a bun by teasing the strands to make it look fuller before twisting it around the base. Voila, a trend even the laziest of lazy can keep up with!

The Headband Curls
Curls look great but take so much time away from Netflix and all the other important things we do in our life. The headband curls won’t stand between you and watching your favorite episode for the 346 time because you can do them both at the same time. Start by combing through your hair and put on your headband (the bigger is the better in this situation). Then all you have to do is twist your hair around the headband and fixate the ends with a bobby pin. Finish with a medium hold hair spray and continue watching Netflix(a very important part of the process) or leave it for a couple of hours or overnight. Let the strands out and repeat with the hair spray.

There you have it, ambitious looking hair even a lazy person can do! 

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