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Valentine's Day gift guide for him

Yesterday we wrote the ultimate beauty gift guide for the woman in your life for this year’s Valentine Day so it only seems right we do one for the fellas as well. We have the gift for your boyfriend, husband or best friend no matter if your guy's game is better than yours or non existing. 


For looks that turn heads. And curl toes…
That is the description of D:fi’s d:struct styling cream that comes in a kit with d:fi’s daily shampoo for only $26. This kit is perfect for the guy that likes to keep it simple and still look sharp. The styling cream adds moisture and ultimate control giving long lasting looks and the shampoo cleanses from build up and prevent dull hair.


The style duo
If your guy’s hair tends to look better than yours, he probably knows his way with the wax. This styling duo from JOICO Ice includes Spiker Water-Resistant Styling Glue and Erratic Molding Clay that lets him switch it up a little bit. The Spiker Glue has incredible hold that can withstand any element and season, and the Molding Clay gives that “I don’t care”-look that we all care very much for. This kit is for the gut that cares as much about his hair as you do.


For the “I don’t need anything”-guy
The good news of having one of these guys is that the bathroom storage is all yours. The bad news is that you want to sneak in a little of your moisturizers in his routine when he is not looking. But with American Crew’s 3 in 1 you don’t need to compromise on storage room or worry about his routine for this one product works as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash all for $26.85. That is good enough even for the “I don’t need anything”-guy.



Go clean, finish up & grip tight

Redken has a really popular line for men and we understand why with these no fuss products. The shampoo and conditioner can be used daily without drying out the hair and scalp. The holding gel gives clean definition, medium shine and is a great every day staple in your guy’s routine. And the bottles are pretty enough to stand besides your bottles which we all know matters.


9 out of 10 women approve
The right perfume can get us women to turn heads out on the town and American Crew Men's Classic Nine Fragrance has been approved of 9 out 10 women. With notes of apple, lavender and warm notes of cedar and amber, this masculine scent is most likely to get your approval. I mean, 9 out of 10…


We hope you found something for your man here and that you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!   

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