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Valentine's Day gift guide for her

February is officially here and as the stuffed animal filled aisles in the supermarket are trying to remind us of: so is Valentine’s Day. At least it is for those of us who intends to do this year’s gift shopping online and want the gift to arrive before the big day. Finding the perfect gift should not be as hard as finding the perfect girl so we put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for those of you looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or best friend (they deserve some love too!).


OPI All Stars Collection, $22.49

For the All Star of your Life
One can never have enough nail polish in life, that is a pure fact and we won’t believe otherwise. We are pretty sure your girl is with us on this one and if you want to remind her that she is the All Star of your life then OPI 2015 Starlight Holiday Collection All Stars Mini 10-Pack is the gift for you. We won’t even take credit for the gift card headline (It might be worth to include that she is the only star of your life somewhere in there too. You’re welcome). The kit includes 10 shades and only cost $22.49.

Celebrate in Color
If you want to spoil your girl with a luxurious hair care kit that will leave her hair super soft and smelling amazing, then this is one from Pureology is the way to go. Pureology is a big salon favorite and will bring a little extra luxury and joy to your girl’s hair routine (as she does to your life, we are basically doing all the work for you here guys!). The kit is for colored hair and includes shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, hairspray and a hair primer. It comes as either a hydrating or volumizing kind and costs $59.

Sexy Hair – Bigger Wishes
We will leave the gift card writing up to you on this one but this root boost and hair spray duo for $28 comes with an encouragement; have a sexy holiday…   

The Girlfriend Flat Iron
Most women, no matter if we spend hours straightening our hair or just want a simple quick fix, own a flat iron and for some reason they always seem to be in need of an update. Amikas colorful digital titanium glide styler will spruce up any hair and shelve it ends up on. Right in time for Valentine it is even on sale for $139. Bonus: you can impress your girl by telling her that “amika” means girlfriend in Latin. Again, we are doing all the work here for you guys…

Joy to your curly haired woman
If you are lucky enough to have a curly haired women in your life you should tell her by giving her DevaCurls Joy to the Curl kit. This gift set costs $39 and includes a shampoo, conditioner and styling gel made especially for her curly hair and will be sure to bring joy to her curls.


Smoking hot eyes look
Beauty Treats Smoky look set is the perfect date night kit for your girl! The kit includes 5 eye shadows, 1 applicator, 2 loose shimmer powders and 1 mascara and only costs $14,99. The kit will make her look at you with super sexy eyes. So this is basically a gift for both of you when we come to think about it.

 Home & Away Set
If you are not living with your girlfriend and you both have passed the awkward stage of “can I leave something at his/hers place” then this hair mask kit from Moroccanoil is a sweet reminder that she can feel at home at both places. The hydrating and repairing mask for $49 comes in one bigger size and a smaller one that she can leave at your place(more shelve room for you!). This extremely popular brand will spoil her hair with lots of love and we guarantee you will love the smell as well.

There you go fellas, Valentine Days shopping made easy for you!

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