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How to quit shampoo : a guide to perfect curls!

Most curly hairs out there can probably agree on one thing; curly hair should come with an instructional manual… Curly hair tends to be more dry, frizzy and harder to tame then other hair types and simply need more love at times. But we have a very simple 3-step guide to perfecting that gorgeous set of hair some of us were born with. Step 1 may sound harsh but we promise we are only looking after your curly trademark!

  1. Quit shampoo

It may sound drastic and we don’t intend for you to completely stop shampooing your scalp and hair but lathering up your dry and frizzy strands can easily strip your hair of the natural oils it craves to stay moist and well, curly. You see, curly hair is in greater need of those natural oils compare to other hair types since the oils have a harder time making it out to the ends of your curly locks. So invest in a shampoo that doesn’t lather and try to cut down on how many times a week you wash your hair. If you feel like your hair is in need of a little refresher, apply dry shampoo or Deva Curls Mist-er Right that revitalizes your locks and leave them smelling great.


  1. Moisture, moisture, moisture…

Moisture truly is a curls best friend and absolutely crucial when it comes to having defined and manageable curls. Cutting down on shampoo is the first step but you also need a creamy conditioner that will lock in the moisture for days. DevaCurls One Condition does just that and we recommend to leave in a little One Condition for added hydration after conditioning and detangling to make sure your locks are truly hydrated.


  1. Hug those locks dry

We assume you have heard it before but it can’t be said enough: do not rub your curls dry as it will leave them a frizzy mess. Instead, hug them dry with a microfiber cloth that will keep the shape of the curls throughout the drying process.

Does the 3-step guide to perfect curls sounds like something for you and your curls? Our friends at DevaCurl have heard our curly prayers and made it even easier to maintain defined and healthy locks by creating the “How to quit shampoo: the cleanse and curl kit” containing the best selling No Poo Shampoo and One Condition as well as a DevaTowel, a microfiber cloth that lets you hug your curls with love.

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