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Happy New Year and new you!

Another year has to come to an end and we hope it has been a great one! We at ABAA Beauty Supply are happy to have opened up in 2015 and look forward to bringing more beauty bargains for all the Canadians out there in the year of 2016. As for you, are you doing a “new year, new me”- kind of resolution this year (again)? We think you are flawless (like the Macademia Oil product I am going to tell you about soon!) but we also know that even flawless people need a little help along the way. We think that it should be easy to be the best version of you, which is why we are here. At ABAA Beauty Supply we are ready to celebrate the new year with you and bring you lots of great products that will help you be the best you! And if you need help in finding what’s best for you, give us a call or an email and we will be happy to assist you! Just a little heads up though, we know our way around hair care and other beauty related questions but we are just as lost as the next one in this thing called life…

And Macademia Oils Flawless?  It is a true miracle worker that cleanses, conditions, provides style control and reduces blow dry time. And it comes as a spray, honestly a miracle worker! Just what we flawless people need to maintain the flawlessness!

Happy new years from us at ABAA Beauty Supply! We all wish you a flawless year filled with flawless hair!

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