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Friday Inspiration: 5 minutes hairstyles!

Sometimes we don't have the time or energy to make an effort with our hair but we still want to look good. For those times, we put together some of the cutest 5 minute hairstyles. Short, long or curly hair: we got the look for you!

Messy up do
The messier hair you start with, the better! If you need to mess it up a bit, add Mess Up by OSIS for some extra texture. Then simply loosely pin up piece by piece before finishing up with JOICO Joifix Firm Finishing Spray.

Pinned on the side

If you have natural curly hair, pin half of the hair while letting the rest run loose for a fun and easy style. Secure it with Deva Ultra Defining Gel for a look that lasts all day.

Half fishtail

Don't have time to braid your entire hair? Just do part of it! Use the ultimate braid budy, KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, in the braided part for extra volume.

Half braid

Don't know how to do a fishtail braid? It looks equally gorgeous with a simple half braid! 

Curly top knot

The top knot looks great on just about anyone but the natural curlyheads out there sure can rock this look! Make sure to apply some defining gel, like our favorite from Devacurl, for some hold and to lure those babystrands out to complete the look.

Pinned back

Loosely pin back small sections of the half top of your hair until you have a twisted secured section in the back. Finish with Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray to make it stay in place throughout the day.

Smooth & slightly messy

Run through your hair with our ABAA Hair Straightening Brush (it truly is a time saver!) and create a rough side part for the easiest everyday look.

Pretty ponytail

When in a hurry, go for a classic and spruce it up a little! Cover your hair ring with a small section of your hair and pin it up before you add some It's a 10 in the lengths for some shine and strength. 

Half down

How can you not love a style you can literally do while waiting for the elevator? Prep it with AG Hair Colour Care BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer before twisting it to a loose bun in the back for a smooth, thick and shiny look.

The headband look

Curls or no curls, this everyday look with a twist can be worn by just about anyone. If you do have natural curls, you want to make sure to keep them moisturized throughout the day to keep frizz away. Try Deva Curl MirrorCurls for some added moisture and shine.

That's it for this Friday, we hope you found yourself a new favorite 5-minute hairstyle! 


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